Friday, 12 October 2012

Edinburgh College of Art

Edinburgh College of Art is on my route home during the week and it's been on my list of places to go into to look round the library. You can see the library from the outside at the back on West Port. It is very modern and appealing. To get in you need your University ID card and it is swipe access. On an evening you have to go on the side entrance which takes you through an outer metal door and then through a metal inner door. After that you are into the corridor and into the library. It is a beautiful library in a bright, modern and minimalist way. There are lots of magazines and I spotted a jewellery one that might be good for ideas. There is a good collection of DVDs and also large books with pictures and illustrations. There are two floors with seating areas and computers and books. I will definitely call in again on my way home and it might be a useful place to do work on an evening. There were quite a few students about but not too many which may be unsurprising as it was a very rainy evening at 7.00pm.

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